Stem Cell Technology

Stem cell technology for various treatments

Every month there is some progress and something new in the use of the induced pluripotent stem cell.

Stem cell treatments

In the literature of these cells, you would see some of the new developments every other month. The basic problem is actually reprogramming the cells of adult humans without the help of the active substances, which can be a cause or a reason for cancer. The first of these methods used for reprogramming was the use of the viral delivery system. This process enabled the reprogramming genes to be introduced into the cells. It is also possible that the viruses get into the genome of the cells, which can cause much more problems later. Because of this, serious unexpected results are expected and the serious results can be as drastic as cancer.

Development of New Technologies for Stem Cell Research

Stem cell technology and the induced pluripotent stem cell change over time. The newly programmed factors also need to be refined. The original group consisted of the genes from c-Myc, Oct-4Health Fitness Articles, Klf4 and Sox2. Expression of the c-Myc gene can be one reason that the cell becomes cancerous. This particular gene was discovered in the 1970s. The stem cell technology was greatly developed in it. The expression of c-Myc plays an important role and can be a reason for breast cancer. It also plays an important role in some of the most common types of malignancies in humans. The induced pluripotent stem cell and stem cell technology have brought a range of treatments for a range of problems and diseases. In order for these cells to be used safely in humans, the reprogramming alternatives to the cells must be identified.