The treatment of stem cells has emerged as a revolution in the medical field and has cured several critical and life-threatening diseases.

This treatment uses stem cells that help replace or repair a patient’s damaged cells or tissues.

The stem cells are placed in the blood or transplanted directly into the damaged tissue. They could also be recruited from the patient’s own tissue for self-repair.

The therapy has been a success in India and is available in some hospitals in India. However, basic facilities in India are limited to large cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai.

Now let’s talk about top hospitals and stem cell banks that have gained immense patient confidence in the past few years:

1. Chaitanya stem cell center

2. Apollo hospitals

3. LifeCell

4. Live100 hospital

1.Chaitanya Stem Cell Center

It is part of Chaitanya Hospital, an ISO 9001/2008 accredited organization. The hospital has treated more than 92 cases using stem cells. The Chaitanya Stem Cell Center uses stem cell therapy for the comprehensive treatment of neurological, kidney, liver, endocrine diseases and many patients with untreatable diseases and has a lot of information about Regenerative at Pune India.


2. Stem cell therapy in Apollo hospitals

Stem cell or bone marrow transplantation is one of the most innovative treatments in Apollo hospitals. Over the past few decades, this hospital has become an established treatment for various types of cancer and blood disorders. The hospital is running a pediatric bone marrow transplant program with a team of highly qualified experts. The hospital shares the honor of having the nation’s greatest experience in caring for infants and young children undergoing stem cell transplantation. Stem cell transplantation is performed under the following conditions: major thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, relapsed or high-risk leukemia, immune deficiency disorders, aplastic anemia, Hurler syndrome and other rare metabolic disorders.

3.Live100 Hospital Pvt Ltd

It started in 2010 with a focus on regenerative medicine. Since then, it has grown step by step in stem cell treatment for various diseases. It finds success in healing the advanced avascular necrosis of paralytic patients with hip and spinal cord injury. This type of treatment made it the first time in the healing of such cases and has therefore become a high-tech hospital for super specialties and tertiary care. It promises the most advanced stem cell treatment in India for national and international patients.

Stem banks: In addition to these hospitals, stem cell therapy has helped India to break new ground in stem cell therapy.


LifeCell was founded in 2004 and is India’s first and largest stem cell bank. She is trusted by over 1.30,000 parents who have collected their children’s stem cells from the company. With state-of-the-art laboratories at Chennai & Gurgaon and a network of over 200 service centers in the country and footprints in GCC countries. Feature article is the company’s most accredited stem cell bank with certifications from national and international standards organizations.